Hellenic Homes is the leading constructor and property developer in West Crete and is a local company based in and around the beautiful, historic Venetian town of Chania.
We pride ourselves not only on offering the highest quality builds that conform to strict European regulations, but also on our superb customer service and after-sales care offered to new buyers.


Hellenic Homes was founded in 2003 with the aim of becoming the leading developing and constructing company in Crete. From the early stages of its operation, the company has divided attention and resources into two main areas – the development of holiday & permanent residences and the undertaking of large-scale & commercial construction projects.

Our aim is to deliver a lifetime experience and to create dream property for all our clients.
Our philosophy is that every new project, big or small, requires full, undivided attention and the key to success is dynamic cooperation with the customers, always listening to their wishes, supporting their fantasies, and guiding their ideas towards the ultimate result.

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Why we recommend Crete

It is an established fact that over the last years amount of tourists visiting the region of Chania, Crete has increased greatly, making this wonderful Venetian town and its surroundings one of the top destinations in Greece amongst such popular places as Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

People are coming here to spend great time and to visit spectacular sights like bay of Balos, pink-sand beaches of Elafonissi or trek down the Samaria gorge, the biggest in Europe

Strong local culture

Crete’s strong local culture is instrumental in the daily lives of the people of Crete. Cretan music, traditional dances, Cretan food, Christenings, weddings, festivals, religious celebrations and holidays are just a part of this integral and deeply intimate cultural heritage.
Famous Cretan hospitality is very much still alive; locals are friendly and offer directions and tips freely, neighbours frequently bring over fresh eggs, vegetables and fruits from their plots or even a meal or dessert they have prepared.

Breathtaking landscape

Being the largest island of Greece at 8261 square kilometres Crete is often referred to as ‘Megalonisos’ (big island). It is in fact the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean.
Crete, which lies south of the Aegean Sea, in the centre of the East Mediterranean basin (where Europe, Asia and Africa meet), is a long and narrow island with an east-west orientation (260 km long and widest part at 60 km).
This island has been blessed with an extraordinary fusion of landscapes some of which include snow-capped mountains, gorges, ….


Zeus, the ruler of all Gods, born in the Diktaean cave and raised up in Idi Mountain on Crete, was also buried in his birthplace. Being born, raised and buried on Crete, Zeus is said to be resurrected each, live on and reign. He is a God who dies each year and is reborn even stronger, much in the same way that nature brings everything back to life in spring.

In Ancient Greece, hospitality was a virtue where care for ‘xenoi’ (strangers such as messengers from a distant land) was a divine requirement.

Mild Winters

Crete enjoys a Mediterranean climate, where the weather can be characterized by mild winters and hot, dry summers. Warm weather is enjoyed for nine months of the year from April to November and winter months are just December to March.

The coastal areas have a dry summer and mild winter. Good weather prevails throughout the season while it can rain sporadically from December through to March. Snowfall along the coast is a rarity.

Healthy diet

In search of the ideal diet which would improve one’s health, ward off illness and optimize our functioning, the Cretan diet has been pin pointed as being just the right one to follow. The term ‘diet’ of course is used not as a diet to follow in order to lose or gain weight but rather a lifestyle which encapsulates the way in which we achieve well-being. This lifestyle, a deeply cultural act, includes foods, drinks and activities.

Several studies on the traditional Cretan diet have shown that the population of Crete enjoys the longest life span and has the lowest percentage of death caused by heart attacks and of various kinds of cancer.

Must - see places

1. Elafonisi beach
Located close to the southwest corner of Crete, Elafonisi is in fact an island taking its name from the Greek words ‘elafi’ and ‘nisi’ meaning ‘deer island’.

The beach and island are quite tropical in style with fine white sand and clear turquoise waters. In fine weather, you can in fact walk to the island through the shallow water. This beach is a destination in itself for travellers and locals alike.

Useful info

Airports: Crete is serviced by two International airports (Chania and Heraklion).

Chania International Airport (CHQ) is 14km east of Chania.
Busses depart regularly from Chania airport to Chania centre (journey time approximately 30 minutes). Taxis are readily available.
Both short-term and long-term parking is available.
Tel: +30 28210 83800
Heraklion International Airport (HER) is 5km east of Heraklion.

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